The photographer and artist S. Manneraak is up and coming in the art world after several years as a well known fashion photographer with clients worldwide. After great success and hard work in the commercial business, Manneraak wants to reinvent his artistic side with a new name and a broader approach to concepts and the art of photography. In addition to photography, digital art and painting, he is experimenting with other expressions through film, graphics and sculptures.

Manneraak had his debut in the Norwegian State Exhibition in 2004, after the debut, he has produced several separate exhibitions in Norway and abroad. The Norwegian prime minister and the minister of industry, as well as the major of Bergen, all have Manneraak artwork on their walls. These artworks are all commissioned by Bergen Naeringsraad (the Bergen board of industry).

"As his unique talent looks to achieve new challenges and expression, Manneraak promises to be a creative star and influence in the ever changing and evolving world of art".

Michael Ginsburg, President LEGION PAPER, New York


Collectors (selected):


Vestfold Fylkeskommune

Epson Europa


Norwegian Fashion Institute

Lofotr/Museet i Borg

Legion paper, New York

Lundeby & Co


Preus AS

Bergen Næringsraad

Lindesnes kommune


Mandal Hotel, Lobby.

Lindesnes kommune

Lund Gruppen


2023 Winter Colours. 120 m2 with winter art at Karl Johan, Oslos main Street.

2021 Solo summer exhibition Ryvingen Lighthouse, Mandal

2020-2021 Solo exhibition, Grieghallen, Bergen

2018 Solo exhibition, Galleri Buen, Mandal

2018 Group exhibition, One Vandam, New York. Lost Warhols.

2017 Solo exhibition, Kunstpunkt Lista, Lista Fyr

2017 Solo exhibition, Le Château des Demoiselles, Provence, France

2017 Solo exhibition, Galleri Espen, Cannes, France

2017 Solo exhibition 28 Piazza Pietra, Fine Art Gallery, Rome, Italy

2016 Galleri Bi-Z, Mandal

2015 Solo exhibition, Canoe Studios, New York

2007 Solo exhibition, Risørbank, Mandal

2006/2007 Solo exhibition, Lofotr, Museet i Borg

2006 Solo exhibition, Kongernes Jelling, Danmark

2005 Solo exhibition, Midtgardsenteret, Borre

2005 Selected artists from Statens Høstutstilling (Tour).

2004 Group exhibition Kistefos museet, Jevnaker

2004 Statens høstutstilling

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