Exhibition in 28 PIAZZA DI PIETRA

Fine Art Gallery, ROME

Opening in Rome

We had a great opening of the Manneraaks exhibition in Rome the 3rd of march 2017. The gallery was packed with visitors and the gallery set a new record for sales the first week. A special thanks to the Norwegian Ambassador who did the official opening.


Manneraak continued to evolve the Norwegian Hallucinations serie for this exhibition, but this time he focused on landscapes from the south of Norway. He worked very close with Farsund Commune and the region of Lista. This is a magical landscape with ancient history that was very inspiring.

The gallery

The Gallery is located in the historical center of rome and the wiew from the gallery is spectacular. The exhibithion will be open untill the 30th of April.

Norwegian Seafood

Gaute Ubostad from Under joined us in Rome and served fresh Norwegian seafood at the opening. A spesial VIP dinner for art investors and food journalists was also served later the same evening in a exclucive appartement over the gallery. 

Manneraak wine

A new Manneraak wine, made to be enjoyed with art, was also launched during the event.


All the guest outside at the piazza, Ingvild Koksvik and Lars Jakob Rudjord performed beautifully at the opening.

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