Summer exhibition in Le Château des Demoiselles

Manneraak in Cannes

Opening of Norwegian hallucinations in Rome, Italy

Manneraak intervju in FVN

Intervju in

New Video from ROME opening

Opening of New Hallucinations in Galleri Bi-Z

Andy Warhol in front of a tree. A new collaboration with Karen Bystedt

Norwegian Hallucinations in Canoe studios New York

Event video Norwegian Hallucinations

Shutterbug recommends Norwegian Hallucinations in New York!

Svein MANNERAAK shooting Chanel makeup in Paris

Opening of a new MANNERAAK exhibition in Oslo

Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg and minister of trade Monica Mæland receives MANNERAAK art from Bergen Næringsråd

Svein MANNERAAKs Art picture "Odin & Sleipner" sold at Blomquist art auction.

Svein MANNERAAK shows his work in SVA magazine

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